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    • We're Gonna Die and this is how we prove it to each other and Find World Peace

    • caesarnaples2
    • Good God, can you imagine this world full of a blue screen interjection of our sight to communique all our mind information to ourselves? But imagine no future without something in place to allow it. Imagine the future we all die. And this is the one I believe that we're heading towards. We cannot have this holographic projection of mind, because if we all did, we'd all murder one another in peace of mind for the future of our species of mind laser communicating to us. But this is the good thing, is that we all have the capacity to imagine our death and Find World Peace if we find a wolverine heart to put in the place of our own. An American Wolverine would go down the highway like a '12 Cruzer Glide. We're on the internet, and it's the same as it ever was. And it tastes no time. Once in a lifetime, your mind will hold up and it will taste good. 99 years in the future, our lives ruled by **cats**.

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