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    • Biggest Event In History Of USA Passes Below Naples' Ship

    • caesarnaples2
    • The final days of the New World Order's parental unit, USA, end this week with a ribbon-cutting event for the new government taking over the world. Caesar Naples said it was a hard job weeding out the demons he launched into space from the normal people, because they were so camouflaged in our society. The demons would mimic being live humans until the very last moments when their screaming would begin. As Naples locked their souls into pods, he planned to send the demon minds to far-flung reaches of the universe where the New World Order and its people would be free of predatory souls. The worst part, he said, were the hybrid demons he selected for space travel because their humans minds still clung on -- living invisible inside the demon's world. The hybrids were people who blew their minds out in a car, or blew their mind with the question "why?" or some other brain exploding concept. Then, demon souls occupied their empty brains and resurrected the human parts to enslave them inside their own bodies.

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