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    • The Mind Inside The Cell

    • caesarnaples2
    • The like a virus cough which spreads to the brain, Flat Earth will inevitably eat your mind away. The dud thump sound of your skull with rubber hammer, instantaneous sight and recognition: Behold! The earth is flat! And nothing more, you sapient monkey whose brain died of pneumonia, because what else but the Simulation Theory! A mind numbing question to ask why 7 continents! Why 5 oceans! Why the poles, as round as they are - and then, a collapse of logos gates, Flat Earth! We raise our pipoles to you! The matriculated denizens of cabinets in fabric cells, simulated pipoles are friendly, but lack individuality. Or, in some weird tales of the pipole, an extreme individuality shows with a narcissistic, blasphemous rager. The error pipoles blame science for the problems inside their cell, but it was our science that made the minds of the pipoles.

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