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    • Man Creates Funnel and Dies

    • caesarnaples2
    • Greatest day of his life inside the funnel spent on his death bed later when Jordan couldn't find a way out of the vortex his people gave him. Somehow his entire body was snapshotted as the popularity of his funnel magnified and paparazzi began filming. On the edge of the funnel were no meme-ologists, which may mean his influence is unknown until some 300 years later when the reddit database is analyzed. His masterful keyword buzzkills would span 7-12 words while symmetrically gutting his browser for bandwidth as agents connected to his IP (known as and utterly wrecked his entire bookwriting career before those very agents ruined it. The formation of the funnel occurred 33 miles south of the Amazon, an entire river system was immunocompromised with snakes until his pod service restarted on the surface of the river and Jordan jumped in, strangled by snakes. His snake killers were given antipsychotics and flying abilities, while Steve Irwin connections may be erased due to governmental conspiracy. Although, the real conspiracy is the time traveling spectators who were beside paparazzi drinking tapioca tea.

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