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    • Unicorn Blue Wheels

    • caesarnaples2
    • When descending from the sun came Jesus of Aquarius, we believed him to be an alien at first, far from it. The real nature of his visit was to destroy our civilization, thank God. We believed him when he turned our bicycles blue. We believed him and you would too. Our bicyclers wished to be a little less intermingled by being all the same colors, black and grey, so when the Aquarian Jesus descended, straight, as he said to us, **From The Center Of The SUN^^**, and turned our bicycles blue, as he promised, we praised him well. It made us tingle in our toes we felt so divine in our appraisal of this man, Jesus of Aquarius, who became a musical rock persona in the secret identity we all knew but our children did not. His name was *Unicorn Blue Wheels*.

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