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    • Batman Becomes: Caesar Naples

    • caesarnaples2
    • Author Caesar Naples tackles Batman catalogue of comics by self-inserting himself as Batman. The powerful hero jumps from heights, speeds through streets, and uses lasers to stop Gotham's worst. The poignant issue is his driving skills, which are lacking but the people forgive him. Even when he's driving his best, the enemies he faces may pull around him or outrun. Caesar compensates for his weakness by using Drive Thru restaurants as a slow-me-down zone, forcing criminals to order 20-piece chicken McNuggets before they enter the roadway. His fans will say the hunger of his enemies will be their downfall; he feeds their hearts to a blue-green beetle he designed for ending powerful negative emotional states. Naples thinks of his mental health, waiting like Batman for hours on the case. The people he saves, from parking lots to rooftops, make it all worth it for him as he realizes - There's only One Batman, and it's Caesar Naples.

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