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    • Circus Disaster

    • caesarnaples2
    • Pulling up in our car, we barely thought our trip would circulate this endlessness. The spinning cars, the slick floors, windows - dangers to only those who stand beneath. A collapse where the car was propped and crashed into the window, only in a circus, only in my nightmares! The hurricane sound of their production startled my entire family and one of us was injured beneath the hot rod's shards of broken glass. They emerged a bloody tree, hanging in the circus in front of me. I looked below, and my other child was injured as well, the entire window bursting close to her face. When I looked to my wife, she was injured as well, the thick bumper of the hanging car bouncing her below me. The blood and chaos of the crowd of people shocked my headlights until I came to. I panicked. Only in a circus! I wanted the pain to come back of her dying, while shocked tears glistened my eyelids. When I found the circus around me, I thought of how I was only in a circus. I drove here with my family and barely thought our trip would circulate this endlessness. While I pick up my broken bones, a skeleton reaches back; only in a circus.

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