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    • Leaves of Grass

    • caesarnaples2
    • When the McCurtain County Gold came around, the men who made it go around were hiding in Robber's Cave. The incredible lore of this mountain cave structure will amaze you with its characters, who held the keys to every institutional jail or prison in the county. It doesn't take long to realize *they* were the real criminal types of the world. The guns, sex, drugs - everything was possible to these cats who dined on cheese and grapes in the cave. The shifty eyed pirates coming in and out would steal tractor parts from locally known businessmen who kept those things outside, anyway. The trucks they used were beasts of prey, guzzling gas and transporting other vehicles with red, yellow, and orange paint covering jobs. They had a certain theory they had about the world they applied in law, learned from stealing professional tips of lawyers they maintained a slick relationship with from the city around the bend in the road. An incident where a man died on account of the weed was known to be titled with the moniker "Leaves of Grass" from a popular Hollywood actor named Edward Norton, playing two roles as his twin personas, college professor and weed dealer. But the little known story was somewhat different from what appeared in the flick, because the twins were not alive during the time of the real cannabis showdown in McCurtain County. That's the 2019 Caesar Naples arrival pod from space and a time far, far ago, the Robot Pharmer Dispensary he visits every morning.

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