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    • The Adult Mom

    • caesarnaples2
    • Our last entry was sciency and we want you to know, not actually Caesar Naples writing. It was his ghostwriter, Jordan, whose real girlfriend is only in his mind. The collapse of his egotistic male personality became apparent once he began berating himself as a weak male cub. Weak males don't only want him to know their love is strong and guided only to him, they said. Naples wants a say about Jordan's topic, the adult mom. The adult mom is a machine tasked only to produce male or female copies of itself with another male. The extra privilege of a mom at adult capacity is afforded to her only with the soft blanket of a sentient robot's body, like her own body which longs for the children to return to her chest. Adult moms will be single more often than moms who consider themselves grandparents, but adult moms abide the option of grandparenting with hope. They don't know when they'll become grandparents, certainly more clear to them than when they became an adult, however. Or they wonder if robots will consume their family's minds and bodies in a time traveling glitch orchestrated by the devil. And if they did, what would they think? II think if they saw anything it would only be from coma point of view because I sang her there. Ears ripped apart she listlessly glides across the rough flaming clouds, asthmatically triggering her panic disorder during her escape causing nervous seizures, awaking into the 1940's. A time traveling villain leaves a time traveling code. She left the cultists in my home and traveled on to a secret utopia I launched her towards. Myself, I'm under the ground, DNA episodically consumed by the living demons made cloning me. Saturn's where I'm hoping to get picked up by family ghosts. It's where my mom is waiting in a hotel to take me home to Jupiter.

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